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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1997 Best Cornerstone9Milton, Eric1$1.25
Buy it Today1997 Bowman Base Set159Milton, Eric56$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Bowman Bowman's Best198Milton, Eric18$0.18
Buy it Today1997 Bowman Chrome157Milton, Eric6$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Bowman Autographs44Milton, Eric2$9.50
Buy it Today1998 Bowman Base Set298Milton, Eric62$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Bowman Bowman's Best184Milton, Eric27$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Donruss Base Set241Milton, Eric23$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Donruss Silver Press Proofs Series 2241Milton, Eric2$1.50
Buy it Today1998 Fleer Circa Thunder41Milton, Eric13$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Fleer Tradition410Milton, Eric61$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Fleer Tradition Promising Forecast13Milton, Eric4$0.30
Buy it Today1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars240Milton, Eric42$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Pacific Online426Milton, Eric1$0.18
Buy it Today1998 SkyBox Dugout Axcess109Milton, Eric21$0.18
Buy it Today1998 SP Top Prospects88Milton, Eric11$0.18
Buy it Today1998 SPx Finite Radiance204Milton, Eric1$0.50
Buy it Today1998 Stadium Club Base Set375Milton, Eric11$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Studio Base Set169Milton, Eric8$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Topps Stars49Milton, Eric5$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Ultra Base Set358Milton, Eric32$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Upper Deck Base Set544Milton, Eric18$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Upper Deck Retro120Milton, Eric15$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Upper Deck Retro New Frontier20Milton, Eric1$1.00
Buy it Today1998 Upper Deck UD3186Milton, Eric9$0.18
Buy it Today1998 Upper Deck UD3 Die Cuts6Milton, Eric1$1.25
Buy it Today1998 Upper Deck UD3 Die Cuts96Milton, Eric1$1.25
Buy it Today1999 Finest Base Set98Milton, Eric42$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Tradition189Milton, Eric26$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Metal Universe229Milton, Eric22$0.18
Buy it Today1999 SkyBox Molten Metal60Milton, Eric6$0.18
Buy it Today1999 SkyBox Thunder167Milton, Eric37$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Stadium Club Base Set182Milton, Eric28$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps Base Set156Milton, Eric122$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps Stars135Milton, Eric7$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Ultra Base Set57Milton, Eric60$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Upper Deck Base Set136Milton, Eric59$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Bowman Base Set43Milton, Eric24$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Finest Base Set178Milton, Eric49$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Finest Refractors178Milton, Eric1$2.50
Buy it Today2000 Fleer Focus67Milton, Eric41$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Fleer Impact96Milton, Eric23$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Fleer Mystique56Milton, Eric45$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Metal Base Set188Milton, Eric27$0.18
Buy it Today2000 MLB Showdown 1st Edition257Milton, Eric2$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Pacific Base Set251Milton, Eric5$0.18
Buy it Today2000 SkyBox Dominion23Milton, Eric25$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Topps Base Set408Milton, Eric97$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Topps Home Team Advantage408Milton, Eric1$0.30
Buy it Today2000 Topps Opening Day153Milton, Eric13$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Base Set155Milton, Eric29$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Rookie Edition33Milton, Eric37$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve98Milton, Eric11$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX83Milton, Eric2$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Ionix54Milton, Eric27$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck MVP190Milton, Eric61$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Ovation52Milton, Eric34$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Ovation Curtain Calls4Milton, Eric8$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Update174Milton, Eric16$0.18
Buy it Today2000 Upper Deck Victory301Milton, Eric22$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Base Set132Milton, Eric28$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Chrome105Milton, Eric32$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Bowman Heritage375Milton, Eric2$1.00
Buy it Today2001 Donruss Class of 2001 Base Set31Milton, Eric31$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Donruss Signature90Milton, Eric10$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Focus77Milton, Eric27$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Platinum135Milton, Eric31$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Fleer Tradition327Milton, Eric51$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Leaf Limited51Milton, Eric6$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars84Milton, Eric85$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Pacific Base Set247Milton, Eric6$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Pacific Private Stock70Milton, Eric1$0.31
Buy it Today2003 Donruss Team Heroes301Milton, Eric27$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Fleer Double Header90Milton, Eric10$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Fleer Hardball52Milton, Eric2$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Fleer Platinum13Milton, Eric34$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Fleer Tradition329Milton, Eric29$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Leaf Certified Materials105Milton, Eric5$0.18
Buy it Today2003 MLB Showdown Base Set180Milton, Eric3$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Topps Base Set239Milton, Eric73$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Topps Chrome173Milton, Eric35$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Topps Gallery138Milton, Eric1$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Topps Heritage264Milton, Eric45$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Topps Total413Milton, Eric11$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Ultra Base Set188Milton, Eric25$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck 40-Man289Milton, Eric8$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck 40-Man Red White and Blue289Milton, Eric3$0.29
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck Base Set115Milton, Eric26$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck Game Face62Milton, Eric52$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck MVP113Milton, Eric28$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck MVP- SportsNut Fantasy GameSN77Milton, Eric2$0.50
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck Patch Collection59Milton, Eric1$0.99
Buy it Today2003 Upper Deck Vintage197Milton, Eric31$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition127Milton, Eric23$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Topps 1st Edition Series 2488Milton, Eric6$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Topps Chrome Refractors Series 2434Milton, Eric3$1.25
Buy it Today2004 Topps Gold Series 2488Milton, Eric1$1.00
Buy it Today2004 Topps Heritage373Milton, Eric79$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Topps Total449Milton, Eric32$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Ultra Gold Medallion Update235Milton, Eric3$0.25
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Reflections156Milton, Eric1$3.00
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Vintage240Milton, Eric14$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Donruss Base Set294Milton, Eric74$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Donruss Team Heroes416Milton, Eric21$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Donruss Throwback Threads238Milton, Eric17$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Donruss Zenith171Milton, Eric11$0.18 is not affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) or the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club. Images and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and copyright of their respective manufacturers. They are presented here for entertainment and informational purposes only.